A Comprehensive Guide to Ayo Edebiri’s Street Style

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A Comprehensive Guide to Ayo Edebiri’s Street Style

The story in my head is that as soon as Ayo Edebiri skyrocketed into fame after starring in The Bear, she got her fashion together quickly. It’s one thing to be famous, and it’s entirely another to be famous and fashionable. It’s the fashion, I think, that makes an icon.

Edebiri started working with stylist Danielle Goldberg, who also regularly dresses the likes of Greta Lee and Olivia Rodrigo just prior to awards season. Since then, Edebiri has been seen in The Row, Loewe, Proenza, and more, and she’s been at the front row of plenty of fashion shows. She graduated to style darling immediately. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she’s a star of one of the most secretly fashionable shows on air right now.

And while I’d love to talk about her red carpet looks (and okay, I have included one,) I do think her more interesting outfits are the ones she wears out the street and to more casual appearances. We’ve compiled the Ayo Style Edit because we know this girl’s sartorial footprint is only going up from here.

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