8 Tips for Potty Training – Where to Start

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8 Tips for Potty Training – Where to Start


Potty Training Tips: Where to Start

You may have noticed that you are changing fewer and fewer diapers every day, and your little one manages to stay dry at night and during nap time. These and other signs indicate that your child is developmentally ready for potty training. 

Tips on Starting Potty Training with Your Toddler

There is no doubt that potty training is an enormous milestone for your child and a rollercoaster ride for many parents. However, with adequate preparation and potty training tips, you can make the transition process a lot easier for you and your toddler.


  1. Teach by example.  Toddlers love to mimic adult behavior, so instead of trying to explain to your child how to sit down, wipe, and flush, you can simply bring them to the bathroom and demonstrate. You don’t have to follow this potty training tip exactly and do the deed in front of your child, but you can show them a general idea of what to do.
  2. Switch to leak-control underwear. When your son or daughter is just starting out on the potty, we recommend playing it safe with leak-control underwear from Tony & Ava. Designed with four layers of ultra-absorbent materials, these panties will allow your child to learn how to pull them down just like regular underpants while ensuring the same accident protection as a regular diaper.
  3. Watch closely. At this point in time, you might be able to detect your toddler’s body signals better than they are. Look for small signs like straining or fidgeting and gently ask your son or daughter whether he or she needs to go. Even if an accident happens, and the deed is already done, let the child sit on the potty anyway to strengthen the connection.
  4. Teach your child to check for dryness. This provides him or her with a certain sense of control. If the child is dry, give a big hug or a pat on the back, but avoid criticizing even if he or she is wet.
  5. Don’t deny drinks. Some parents believe that by reducing the amounts of fluids, they’ll reduce the chances of having an accident. However, this approach is completely unhealthy and ineffective. The better tactic would be to increase your child’s liquid intake to give him or her an opportunity to succeed. And, in case an accident happens, you can stay protected with leak-proof underwear from Tony & Ava.
  6. Keep the child motivated. Remind your toddler that using the potty is a big milestone meaning that he or she is growing up. In the beginning, you can reinforce the training with a small, tangible incentive. For example, for every successful potty trip, you can put a penny in a piggy bank or a sticker on the calendar. As the child becomes more comfortable using the potty, gradually reduce the rewards.
  7. Don’t nag. When reminding your toddler about the potty, keep it casual, as excessive nagging can provoke resistance. Don’t force him or her to stay on the potty if they don’t want to. Constant bathroom battles are sure to prolong the struggle.
  8. Be patient. This may be the most important potty training tip of all. Even the most excited and enthusiastic child can take a few months to master potty training. If your expectations are unrealistic, to begin with, you could diminish your child’s confidence and motivation. Don’t shame, punish, or scold. Even if you have to mop up a puddle of pee, do your best to stay cool and encourage future attempts.


Ensure Accident-Free Potty Training with Tony & Ava

Potty training doesn’t come without its bumps, but it is important to prepare for the process, be ready for challenges, and follow our potty training tips. 

And while the prospect of ditching diapers may be scary, there is no need to worry about special potty training underwear from Ava & Tony. Our leak control undies are created with four layers of ultra-absorbent fibers, meaning that they are able to maintain up to 17 ounces of bodily waste while keeping your toddler dry and stain free. 

Shop our leak-proof underwear today to eliminate embarrassing surprises while potty training.

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