4 Helpful Tips for Autism Potty Training

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4 Helpful Tips for Autism Potty Training

Parenting kids with special needs, and specifically Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), can certainly be challenging. Yet, seeing them have breakthroughs and meet milestones makes all those moments of difficulty worth it. These are the times that you celebrate and that keep you pushing to achieve more. 

When it comes to meeting milestones, Autism potty training can be a long and arduous process. Many kiddos with ASD have physical challenges, language barrier issues, sensitivities/fears, and dressing issues that make toilet training difficult. However, with some of our helpful tips, along with incontinence products like Tony and Ava leak control underwear, we can partner to make this process a success for your and your special kids with special needs.

If you are wondering how to build self-confidence in your child, one great way is assisting them to become more independent in their toileting behaviors. This can be a big undertaking, but we are here to share the following helpful tips…


  1. Practice Makes Perfect

How to build confidence in your child, and especially one with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be a common theme that parents of these kids with special needs face. When it comes to potty training, the consistent practice of the process is key. It is recommended that parents and caregivers aim for 6 toilets sits a day to practice. At first, they may just last for a few seconds, but as time progresses, they should be able to become longer. Set a timer to let your child know when their time is up. If they are successful, they can be done then. Make sure to celebrate!

  1. Communicate Clearly

Create a toileting schedule and clearly let your child know when it is time for a bathroom run. Do not expect them to always recognize or communicate when they need to use the facilities on their own. Having set times provides comforting routine and stability and will help children with weaker bladders experience more success. For in-between times, utilizing incontinence products like our leak control underwear can prevent messy accidents.

  1. Use Visual Aids

Creating a step-by-step booklet or chart with pictures showing your child the potty process and associated items and tasks can put them on the road to success. Repetition using these kinds of visual aids provides comfort and reinforcement for potty training behaviors.

  1. Don’t Give Up

Although Autism potty training can be frustrating at times, don’t give up. It takes most individuals three weeks to create a new habit, and for special needs kids, it can be much longer. Take the time to celebrate each of your child’s successes with rewards that they love, and stay the course.

At Tony and Ava, we are proud to partner with special needs parents to provide adaptive and functional clothing to help make your toilet training endeavors a success and your day to day lives easier.


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