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20+ Nail Designs We All Need This Summer

1. 3-D nails

Image Source: Reddit

Beauty and fashion are always evolving and pushing the boundaries of style, and nail trends are no exception. There’s always trending nail trends throughout the year, often made popular by celebrities and influencers. Within this list, we’ll be looking at the trending nails for Summer 2023! Starting off, we have 3D nails. These particular nails are definitely for the more high-maintenance people, as they will often have a range of large pieces attached to the nail. The impressive 3D effect is achieved by creating shapes from gel structure, which is then painted over.

2. Glazed donut nails

Image Source: Reddit

Moving on, we come to the trend of glazed donut nails (made popular by celebrities, such as Hailey Bieber). This particular trend, garnered its name from the ‘glazed’, iridescent effect of the color on the nails. They are the perfect nail design to go for if you want something subtle, yet unique. Glazed donut nails are great for a versatile nail look, especially if you have any events coming up e.g. birthday parties, weddings and other celebrations. Another great thing about this particular trend, is that it can be created on false or natural nails.

3. Press-on nails

Image Source: Reddit

Press-on nails have always been a part of the beauty industry for years, and they have remained a staple trend throughout those years. Press-on nails come in a range of shapes, lengths, colors and patterns which make them a great alternative to permanent, false nails. The beauty of press-on nails, is being able to adhere them to your natural nail, without messy and damaging nail glue! They are so easy to put on (and take off), that even the most amateur of beauty fanatics can style them. They’re also surprisingly durable, which makes them a great choice for people on-the-go.

4. Lipgloss nails

Image Source: Reddit

The next trending nail sensation of 2023, is lipgloss nails. As you’ve probably already guessed, lipgloss nails are painted in a way that replicates lipgloss’ texture and shine. One of the most popular pairings with this trend, is having a neutral/nude base color, topped with a clear coating. This trend is achieved by using gel nail polish that can be cured quickly under a UV lamp, and can create that beautifully glossy texture, and impressive shine. This nail trend is perfect, if you’re looking for a lowkey look, that is both versatile and unique.

5. Cutesy nails

Image Source: Reddit

Next on the Summer nail trends, is cutesy nails. This trend refers to nails that have used a subtle color palette, to create minimalistic patterns and designs e.g. flowers, line-work, hearts etc. You will often find with this trend, that pastel colors are used over a nude/sheer base, to give the illusion of the nails being 100% natural (in reference to false nails). Despite this trend appearing on false nails, it can also be created on shorter, natural nails, which means you can add a pop of color to your look without the commitment and upkeep of false nails.

6. Nail piercings

Image Source: Reddit

This next trend is probably one of the most unconventional, and will not suit the more minimalistic styles. The trend in question, is nail piercings! Yes, you read that right, piercings for your nails. This particular trend seems to have originated in L.A, and has since, spread across the globe. False nails are the best base for this particular nail trend, as there are often a lot of larger pieces that require more space, and need a solid structure for installation. The nail piercings can be adhered to the top of the nail and/or ‘pierced’ through the nail for a dangling jewellery effect.

7. Textural nails

Image Source: Reddit

Moving on, we come to textural nails. This particular trend refers to nails that have a set texture. This texture will usually be a smooth matte, but it can vary depending on the design, detailing and whether the design is on natural or false nails. The popular matte texturing, is often paired with a darker color palette (alongside white/bright highlights and designs). You will usually come across astrological and/or space themed nail designs for this particular style of nail, which really brings the nail texture to the forefront of focus.

8. French manicure

Image Source: Reddit

Next on the list, is yet another timeless staple nail design: the French manicure (or French tip as it’s commonly known). This design features a light pink or sheer base, with a white tip at the end of the nail, leaving a sleek and professional look to the nail. This particular style is highly versatile, and is perfect for a range of occasions and settings. For example, it is very common to see it at weddings, business meetings and other networking events. It is also a design that can be featured on both natural and false nails.

9. Gem/crystal nails

Image Source: Reddit

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, colorful and fun, you may want to explore gem and crystal nails. This nail trend features bright colors, glitter, gems, crystals and rhinestones. Sometimes glitter polish is layered over a solid color base, and other designs feature colored glitter polish over the natural nail, or a clear/neutral base. If you’re looking for a unique and versatile nail design, this is probably one of the better choices, as you can easily style it on natural and false nails!

10. French illusion nails

Image Source: Reddit

The next trend takes a staple design, and gives it a modern twist. That trend is: French illusion nails. This style of nails takes its inspiration from the classic French manicure, and adds new elements to the design, to give it a more interesting overall look. Two contrasting shades are used to create the illusion of shadows and highlights on the nails, which give the nails a more dynamic look. It is best to use a light color alongside its darker counterpart, and this really defines the line-work and overall ‘illusion’.

11. Sensorial nails

Image Source: Reddit

The next trend is similar to the textural nails we looked at earlier, but combines some of the 3-D elements from other nail designs. The trend in question is: sensorial nails. This particular design will commonly combine a smooth, matte texture with structured 3D elements. By combining these two features, you are left with a unique nail design that stimulates your senses. These are a great choice for people that resort to picking their nails, as the design acts as a sensory distraction for them.

12. Velvet nails

Image Source: Reddit

Velvet nails are the next trend on the list, and they are another illusional nail design, which is perfect for people that don’t wish to opt for the French illusion design. This particular trend uses a combination of solid color polish, and saturated glitter polish to recreate the look of velvet (especially crushed velvet). By combining these two styles of polish, you’re able to mimic the color shift and general texture of velvet. These are a great design to opt for, if you’re looking for something a little unique that isn’t too high-maintenance.

13. Shape-shifting nails

Image Source: Pinterest

Another unique, yet lower-maintenance, nail trend is: shape-shifting nails. As the name suggests, this trend uses a combination of colors to create the chameleon effect of color shift and dimension. This trend usually features a bright color palette, combined with a glitter overlay, to really highlight the blend of colors. You can choose between two to four colors to include within your nail design, and pick from a range of glitter overlays e.g. silver sparkle/glitter, colored glitter and iridescent/chrome glitter.

14. Molten metallics

Image Source: Byrdie

Up next, is a slightly darker nail trend, that gives off cyber-punk/grunge vibes. That trend is: molten metallic nails. This trend features darker color palettes, a lot of light and shade, 3-D structuring and chrome. The desired effect for these nails, is for it to look as though molten metal has been poured and set onto the nail. The most common choice of coloring is silver, alongside black grey and/or white. However, if you want a brighter design, you can opt for golden structuring. This nail design, can really add great detailing to any outfit/style.

15. Optimistic tones

Image Source: Beauty Bay

Next on this list, is a trend for people searching for something bright and colorful. That trend is: optimistic tones. As you’ve probably already guessed, this trend features bright color palettes and patterns. It is common to combine a light color with its darker counterpart, to create strong contrast and dimension. For example, you could pair a light green with a forest green, a pink with a red, a sky blue with an electric blue etc. This trend is perfect for people looking for a pop of color on their nails, that matches the tones of Summer.

16. Mood ring nails

Image Source: Reddit

Mood ring nails are the next trend. Similarly to the shape-shifting nails, this trend uses a mixture of solid colors and glitter, to recreate the iridescence of a mood ring. For this design, you will usually have a black base coat, and layer your chosen colors on top (whilst blending the black into the edges of the nail). Once the colors have been blended seamlessly, they will be overlayed with a sparkly, clear topcoat. This pulls together the whole design, and gives the nails amazing color shift and dimension.

17. Iridescent-chrome

Image Source: Byrdie

Next up is: iridescent-chrome. This trend combines two distinct nail design features, in order to create a textural shine. Silver is the most common color basis for this trend, and this leaves the nails with a mirror-like effect that accentuates the different tones within the silver chrome. Iridescent chrome can be created with any color, but it is common to see it being created with silver or gold, as these make the most impact visually. Iridescent-chrome is definitely the trend to opt for, if you’re looking for a sleek style.

18. Pastel French tip

Image Source: Reddit

Going back to classics, we come to another modern take on the staple French manicure. This twist is: pastel French tip. This nail trend definitely fits the more traditional look of a French manicure, as the design layout is the same. The only difference is, the change in color for the tip of the nail. The use of pastel colors is a great way of subtly introducing some color to your nails, without an elaborate design or committing to one, solid color. You can opt to have the same color across all nails, or have a range of colors.

19. Cyber-dot

Image Source: Pinterest

This next design is definitely for the more experimental styles, and fits perfectly with the recurring trend of Y2K fashion. Cyber-dot nails feature a mixture of design elements, to create a 3D effect on the nail (similar to the French illusion nails). There will usually be a mixture of pastels and bright colors to create this effect, layered on a neutral base, and topped with solid color dots. The design will normally appear at the tip of the nail, and taper down the sides, as this helps define the 3-D illusion.

20. Sheer blush

Image Source: Reddit

Moving away from bright colors, patterns and illusions, we come to: sheer blush nails. These nails are incredibly neutral, and enhance the natural look of your nails whilst providing them with a healthy shine and texture. The colors used within this nail design, will often compliment your skin-tone and are often pinkish in tone (hence the name). The idea of these nails, is for them to be neutral, natural, low-maintenance and versatile. It is a great choice of design for wearing around work, or for when you need a complimentary tone for your nails.

21. Denim nails

Image Source: reddit

If you’re looking for another unique, textural nail trend, then denim nails might be the choice for you. Denim nails are painted to replicate the texture, color and design of denim e.g. jeans (hence the name). This is achieved by using (primarily) blue, white and black, and layering these colors in a way that mimics the rips of denim and subsequent fraying. These colors are painted over a neutral base, as this brings the smaller details into focus. This style of design is perfect for someone that doesn’t want a conventional set of nails.

22. Tropical florals

Image Source: Crazy Nailzz

The next nail trend is: tropical florals. This trend is definitely one of the more intricate on this list, and requires a professional skill set to create it. Tropical florals are definitely the right choice is you want some bright colors, paired with some highly artistic details. This style of design can be created on natural and false nails, but if you’re looking for a range of elements and colors, it is best to have them painted on false nails (as this will provide you will more length to work with).

23. Neon

Image Source: Pinterest

Another trend for lovers of everything bright and fun, is: neon nails. Neon colors are perfect for matching the sights, sounds and elements of Summer, and are bound to brighten up your day! For neon nail designs, there is a great variety of choices for colors, designs, patterns and coinciding elements. You could have one solid color, a mixture of two or more colors, glitter, French tips, flowers, line-work etc. (the list is truly endless). They’re a great choice to compliment any summer outfits (whether you’re at home or abroad).

24. Bright gradient

Image Source: Reddit

We’re sticking with the brighter nail designs for the next trend. Bright gradient nails are a great alternative to neon nails, as you can still have amazing colors without the commitment of an intense neon shade! This trend involves blending two complementary colors together, so they combine seamlessly on the nail. You can just have the solid colors on your nail, or you can add another level to the design, by having a topcoat of silver sparkle (which can really elevate the colors you’ve chosen).

25. Classic red

Image Source: Reddit

We’re heading back to the staple nail trends with the next set of nails: the classic red nails. Red is one of the most popular color choices for nails worldwide, and it has been that way for decades. Red is often a signifier of wealth, luxury and opulence e.g. the red bottom soles of Christian Louboutin shoes. If you want a hassle-free nail choice, red is the way to go, and if you want to add other elements to it you can. It is a color that will often match a variety of occasions, styles and events, so you don’t have to worry about not feeling put-together.

26. Lavender hues

Image Source: Reddit

Coming away from the brighter nail shades, we come back to the more subdued nail choices. Lavender hues are making a big appearance this Summer within the world of beauty, and it’s clear to see why. The subtlety of this color, is what makes it such a versatile choice. It’s perfect to have during the months where Spring is evolving into Summer, as it is a beautiful transitional shade. Another great thing about lavender, is its ability to work as a solid color, but also as an integrated color within nail art.

27. Milk bath nails

Image Source: Refinery 29

Milk bath nails are next on the list, and these are probably one of the most neutral nail designs you can go for. This particular trend reached the mainstream beauty sphere, with thanks to celebrities such as: Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner andDove Cameron. Milk bath nails are painted to mimic the coloring, and shine, you could expect to see from bathwater mixed with milk. It’s almost dewy, yet it has a slight sheerness to it as well. These are a great alternative for a unique wedding look, or if you don’t want to go for the classic solid white polish.

28. Mixed colors and patterns

Image Source: InStyle

If you’re a bit indecisive when it comes to your nails, this next nail trend is perfect for you. Having mixed patterns and colors on your nails, has become an increasingly popular choice over recent years, and it has made its way into the spotlight for the Summer of this year. It is a great choice, if you’re looking to combine certain patterns, colors and elements together within one set of nails. You can have a baseline theme for your nails, and work around that, or you can just go with completely random ideas/motifs.

29. Sculptural nails

Image Source: Nzuri Nails

The penultimate nail trend on this list is: sculptural nails. Sculptural nails refers to the method of application, used for this particular style. For acrylic nails, this involves the use of stickers that are attached to the finger, and are used to mould the nails’ shape and length. For other false nails, this involves the use of gel structure, which is built up on the natural nail and cured under a UV lamp. Sculptural nail methods are often used when someone wishes to have a longer, more defined nail and overall nail shape e.g. coffin and stiletto nails.

30. Decals

Image Source: Bellatory

Finishing up the nail trends of this Summer is: decals. Nail decals are small stickers that can be adhered to natural or false nails, and are often used to form a cohesive set of themed nails. Decals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, and can be used to create more complex nail art. Their versatility, and ease of application, are perfect for a range of skill sets and experience (when it comes to nails). Some popular styles of decals, include: Disney, Pixar, Hello Kitty, flowers, cartoons and doodles.

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