20 Clitoral Vibrators That Are Better Than Any Human—Including a Hot-Seller That Brings a ‘Mind-Blowing Experience’

Home 20 Clitoral Vibrators That Are Better Than Any Human—Including a Hot-Seller That Brings a ‘Mind-Blowing Experience’
20 Clitoral Vibrators That Are Better Than Any Human—Including a Hot-Seller That Brings a ‘Mind-Blowing Experience’

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There’s no right or wrong way to build a sex toy collection, but there are a few particularly easy places to start. One example would be a seriously excellent clitoral vibrator—or, depending on your preferences, a few seriously excellent clitoral vibrators. Luckily, this type of toy runs the gamut of intensity and price point, so you can narrow your search to the clit-centric genre and trust that you’ll find what you’re looking for, no matter what that might be.

Best Clitoral Vibrators at a Glance

Whereas penetrative toys can be large and clunky, clitoral vibrators tend to be smaller and more discreet. Not only can this make the process of buying one feel less intimidating, but it can also make sex toy storage a lot easier to come by. Once you’ve found a clitoral vibe you love, you can easily toss it in your bag, tuck it into a drawer, or (depending on how incredibly discreet it is) leave it on your dresser, resting assured knowing no one will have any idea what it is. Just make sure to wash it first, thanks.

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Another perk of most clitoral vibrators’ small size? The toys are as fit for single-player fun as they are for couples’ play. Some clitoral vibrators are specifically designed with hands-free use in mind, but even those that aren’t tend to feature sleek profiles that can be easily integrated into one-on-one fun.

Clitoral vibrators can range from subtle to shocking, from budget-friendly to luxurious, and from vibrant to discreet—making this sex toy genre one of the most versatile around. Read on for 12 clitoral vibes guaranteed to pique your interest. Place an order and you’ll be be well on your way to fleshing out an impressive sex toy arsenal.

How to Pick a Good Clitoral Vibrator

“There are different types of Clitoral Vibrators: some offer vibrations and others offer a pulsing-suction sensation,” explains sex and relationship expert Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, aka Dr. Jess. The best one for you can be narrowed down by thinking about what you like. “If you like direct pressure and vibrations against the head of your clitoris, you’ll likely opt for a classic clitoral [vibrator],” says Dr. Jess. “If you tend to enjoy oral or more indirect stimulation, you may prefer a clitoral toy that encircles the head of the clitoris and offers a sensation that is a cross between sucking, pulsing, and vibrating.”

When it comes to your health and the material of the vibrator you choose, Dr. Jess says, “You’ll likely want to consider body-safe, non-porous materials (e.g. body-safe silicone) that can be washed and dried with ease,” adding that “some great options include models that offer interchangeable heads, as you can easily remove them to wash and dry (and you can adjust sensations by experimenting with different sizes of heads).”

How to Use Clitoral Vibrators

One of the best ways to think about using and experimenting with a clitoral vibrator is to take the pressure off of it. You’re experimenting because you’re still learning, and that’s totally okay. Take the judgment out of the situation and remind yourself that figuring out your own body is an empowering act, not an embarrassing one.

Dr. Jess says that some basic tips include not going for the clitoral head right away, but rather tempting yourself by touching the surrounding areas first. She also suggests starting at the lowest settings and working your way up depending on comfort.

“Don’t feel the need to make your new vibe the main event,” she says. “Do what you normally do and once you’re aroused (and the chemical changes in your body have eased you into a less inhibited state), add the vibe for pleasure — not pressure. You don’t have to have an instant orgasm or experience the heights of pleasure right away; instead, tune into the sensations so you can actually enjoy the experience as opposed to focusing on one specific outcome.”

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